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Josh Matzkin (CEO of Nutrovape) Guides you on how Nutrovape works and how Nutrovape's oils are manufactured. Learn more and Experience Nutrovape Today!

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How Does Nutrovape Work?

  • Usage

    We’re all different, as are each of our devices, but your Nutrovape should last approximately 200 gentle breaths.

  • Ingredients

    Our pure-grade ingredients have a stamp of approval from the most trusted names in the industry.

  • Process

    You’re in charge! Use Nutrovape whenever you need it, wherever you need it. It fits in your pocket for a reason.

  • Convenience

    We have eleven different devices to fit all your lifestyle needs! Plus, our devices are so small; you can take them literally anywhere with you!


From Verified Nutrovaper's

I usually have trouble shutting my brain off and getting ready for bed and after three puffs I’m out like a light! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this pen. Thank god it was created

This has been working for me very well along with some mild exercise and some thought into what I eat, I've been happy with the results thus far!

This product is amazing for when you have a deadline coming up and need that extra boost to get you to the finish line, AMAZING. will be buying again

The relax one is awesome! Came home after a hard days work to try it for the first time and all-be-it it took about two puffs to start feeling it but once It kicked in I immediately felt calmed and relaxed and have since been enjoying the delicious flavor and relaxing nature of the device, well well worth the decent price for sure!

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