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Vaping Still Banned On U.S. Flights

Vaping Still Banned On U.S. Flights

A federal appeals court Friday upheld an Obama administration regulation that bans vaping on commercial airplanes.

The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected arguments by an e-cigarette advocacy group that the Department of Transportation (DOT) exceeded its legal authority and used false science to justify the 2016 rule. However, by a 2-to-1 ruling, the D.C. court stated that the DOT acted reasonably and within the authority Congress gave.

While Nutrovape isn’t technically an electronic cigarette, we believe those products could still fall under this legal ban.

E-cigarettes have been shown to be less harmful than traditional cigarette smoking, but regulators and some politicians have sought to nonetheless subject them to similar standards.

Congress banned smoking on short flights in the 1980s and extended the rule to all flights in 2000. The Obama administration’s DOT then declared last year that vaping is also included under that prohibition. The basic argument states that studies, however flawed they may be, tend to show that e-cigarette vapor in confined aircrafts could potentially harm non-users.

“Especially due to the ‘involuntary nature’ of secondhand exposure on aircrafts, where individuals are often assigned seats, the department gave particular weight to these health risks.”

In a statement following the ruling, Sam Kazman, general counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, said the court redefined “smoking” in a “dangerous” way. This is because many people believe that prohibitions like these hurt innovation and hurt the entire vaping industry, from real e-cigarettes with nicotine to supplement vapes like Nutrovape. One could also argue that rulings similar to this one show a misuse of political power, especially when tied to outdated beliefs and scare tactics against the American public.

Here’s hoping that devices like those from Nutrovape will one day be separated from electronic cigarettes that usually contain nicotine.

5 Ways to be Better in Bed

5 Ways to be Better in Bed

Make your partner feel special

It’s actually pretty simple. Being responsive and attentive to your partner will make them feel more desirable. Feeling desirable, in turn, makes you thirstier in the bedroom. Showing your partner some love, even they’re just part of a casual fling, will make your sex life better and more prolific.

Work at it

Like most things in life, the more you work at your sexual relationship, and even the way you perceive sex, the better it will become. This might take time. This might be difficult. This might take real spiritual growth (too deep?). But there’s no substitute for a truly rewarding and connected sexual experience. It’s way worth the effort.

Study your partner

We don’t mean how his/her naughty parts look on his/her body. We mean study your partner in a sense of knowing what they like and dislike, what makes them feel sexy and what they're passionate about in life. A real connection with your sexual partner takes the bedroom experience to a whole other level.

Be kind

It turns out nice guys can finish first. Your level of generosity and kindness directly correlates with your partner’s sexual satisfaction. People respond to being taken care of. Here’s the not-so-dirty little secret. People don’t like assoles. People like confidence. Don’t be afraid to be nice to someone you’re attracted to, just know your own worth and don’t be desperate.

Use Nutrovape Performax

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I Tried Nutrovape Performax – And I’m Not Embarrassed

I Tried Nutrovape Performax – And I’m Not Embarrassed

I’m 30 years old. Let’s be honest, I’m not at a time in my life yet where I experience any kind of regularly occurring sexual issues. I’m also not the kind of person that would consume male enhancement pills just in order to have a “good time”. But something about Nutrovape Performax really intrigued me. I’d been familiar with most of Nutrovape’s other products and actually really enjoyed using them, especially the Sleep device. They work, they taste great and they’re easy to take with you wherever you go.

I had mentioned Performax half jokingly to my fiancé, and, to my surprise, she was also intrigued and thought it could be fun to try.

So we did.

I ordered one device and tt came in the mail a few days later. It didn’t feel weird at all because the packaging looked just like any of the other Nutrovape devices that I’ve been ordering for some time now. That night we settled into bed and my fiancé and I looked at each other and burst out laughing with skittish excitement. Maybe there were some nerves after all. I took the recommended 15 inhalations 30 minutes before we really started any sexual activity.

SIDE NOTE ---- I believe you can even take 5 inhalations daily if you experience some kind of chronic sexual issues.

As the night wore on, I definitely started to notice some changes. I won’t go into illicit detail, but I can say that Performax absolutely helped me, well, perform. Certain feelings were… enhanced, but at the same time I felt as if I had more stamina than ever. I can also say that at the end of the night both parties involved were absolutely satisfied… and sweaty.

For me personally, I’ll probably take advantage of Nutrovape Performax for special occasions, though I personally believe that this handy, little device could definitely help any man struggling in the bedroom. It worked very well for me, it felt powerful, and you can be very discreet about using it if you feel embarrassed (though I don’t see any reason to be, Nutrovape is perfection).

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