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10 Diet Tips to get your Body Summer Fabulous

10 Diet Tips to get your Body Summer Fabulous

Summer is officially here, so if you’re still working on losing those last few pounds, you may be worried you’re running out of time. Lucky for you we’ve combed through every crazy diet fad, list of superfoods and weight loss supplements to bring you 10 diet tips that actually work. Let’s get started. 

Drink water – and a lot of it

Aim for a gallon of water every day. Try taking one of those plastic gallon with you wherever you go. Substitute sodas and sugary fruit juices for water as well. Added bonus – drinking lots of water flushes your system of sodium and toxins to make every part of your body feel and look better.

Make your nighttime snack work for you

If you’re feeling hungry close to bedtime, don’t fret. Eat the one snack that’ll actually help you burn calories in your sleep – cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is rich in casein protein. This particular protein breaks down slowly over time, so your body is working all night long burning calories. #ProTip

Make 3 meals a day 5 meals a day

Eating smaller meals more frequently keeps your stomach from expanding and makes your metabolism work all day. It even helps train your mind to not overeat when you do have that inevitable cheat meal.

Up your protein intake

Lean protein fills you up much better than fat and carbs. Try to add some to every meal. That doesn’t mean you need to eat more meat either. While chicken, turkey and fish are great sources of lean protein, you can find plenty in nuts, yogurt, beans and eggs.

Trade sauces for spices

You won’t believe how many calories are in a tablespoon of ranch or bbq sauce. Condiments can and will catch you off-guard and easily add 200 calories to your meal. Spices and seasonings satisfy and stimulate your taste buds, especially cayenne, which helps boost your metabolism. Hope you like it hot.

Low-carb isn’t a myth

Here’s the simple truth. You should eat low-carb but not no-carb. Carbs are energy, and on days that you know you’ll be active, you should be eating some. Rice, veggies and potatoes are simple and mostly unprocessed, and therefore great choices. Lay off the bread and fried food.


When you're sleep deprived, your body actually makes you feel hungry more often. Get a full 8 hours (at least 7) and you’ll find it’s a lot easier to stick to your diet.

Here’s a no-brainer – eat more veggies

Fruits too, but remember they’re very sugary, so limit your portions. Vegetables should be the bulk of what you eat. Find the ones you actually like, and just rotate them in with the meals you already eat.

Learn about portions

Apps like MyFitnessPal help you track your portions and calories. I’d recommend downloading something similar, especially if you’ve never kept track of what you eat. You’ll be surprised at what four ounces of chicken actually looks like.

Celebrate little victories

Not with food, mind you, but your hard work should be rewarded. When you resist that cheat meal or order a salad instead of pizza, you should figure out a way to reward yourself. It’ll make this process a million times easier.


Bonus tip

Nutrovape Diet helps you suppress your appetite and reduce cravings for sugars and carbohydrates – and it aids in portion control. Just use Nutrovape before meals and you’ll see that getting a doggie bag will become a regular thing. Nutrovape is easy and convenient, and even tastes great.