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10 minute Energy Boosters

10 minute Energy Boosters

The sun is starting to stay out longer, which means that spring and eventually summer are on the way. Everyone is going to want to start spending more time outside and don't want to do anything time consuming, luckily we have some energy boosting methods that you can do in 10 mins. Don’t go running to the vending machine or coffee maker because you will just crash ten times harder than if you just keep reading. You need a lasting solution that will benefit you, not a quick fix and a hard crash.


There is a reason that it is the most important meal of the day, don’t skip it. It has been reported that people who religiously eat breakfast have less stress and fatigue. High fiber foods like oatmeal or protein like eggs can stick with you longer than having a pastry. Hunger can lead to low energy so make sure you carve a good chunk of time out of your schedule in the morning to have a good breakfast.


Yoga has been shown to boost your energy, try doing a little 10-minute sequence to help get the blood pumping through your body. Exercise and meditation can be an amazing fatigue fighter.  


Sometimes being dehydrated can cause you to feel sluggish. You don’t necessarily have to follow the 8 glasses a day rule, but you should be drinking enough to keep your body hydrated. Try to go get some water every few hours, the walk to the fridge or water cooler will help to wake you up too.


Try spelling cinnamon or peppermint, some people say that just the smallest whiff of these spices is enough to make them fully alert.

As the sun starts to stay out longer, our energy levels will rise with it. Summer is right around the corner, we just need to get over this little hiccup called spring. Nutrovape Energy is also a great addition to any routine, it is fast-acting and tastes amazing. You will wonder what you ever did without it, the end is near so keep pushing through.