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11 Fat-Burning Foods

11 Fat-Burning Foods


Almonds reduce cravings for sugar and carbs, while providing fat-burning fiber in every bite. Look for raw almonds without salt for best results. You’ll feel fuller – and better – for it.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is packed with casein protein, a slow digesting protein that makes your body work for hours after you’ve eaten. Casein is best taken before you go to sleep, making cottage cheese the perfect bedtime snack. You’ll literally burn calories while you’re sleeping. It’s kind of a dream come true.


Surprisingly, eggs are a perfect workout food. Loaded with protein and every relevant amino acid, eggs help build muscle, which in turn raises your metabolism and makes it easier to lose weight. No wonder they called it incredible.

Lean Meats

Again, lean meat is great for building muscle, since it’s packed with healthy protein and is low in fat. As a bonus, eating turkey and other poultry also aids in keeping your immune system strong.


Eating berries regularly helps curb your appetite and reduce cravings for sugar and carbs, the leading cause of stubborn body fat. Plus, they’re delicious, so it’s really a win-win.

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Peanut Butter

Peanut butter boosts testosterone, which, to an extent, is even a good thing for women, builds muscle and burns fat. That’s our kind of superfood. Just skip the sugary jelly and opt for whole wheat bread.

Fatty Fish

Fight fat with fat. That makes sense right? Fatty fish actually fires up the fat burning process and makes you feel fuller, faster. It’s always a good idea to switch out meat for fish, anyway. Now you’ve got a great excuse.


Another super fat burner is grapefruit. Eat a half with breakfast and you’ll lower your insulin levels and boost your metabolism. Make sure to eat the fleshy, white membranes too.

Green tea

Everyone and their mom knows that green tea is insanely good for you. There’s a huge list of health benefits, first and foremost being the fact that green tea jumpstarts your metabolism and helps you burn a lot of fat.

Chili peppers

Spicy chiles and peppers, especially cayenne, boosts your metabolism as well. If you’re into exercise, eat some cayenne or spicy peppers before you hit the gym and your heart rate and metabolism will raise, making your workout easier and more effective.

Beans and legumes

Another great food for building muscle and burning fat are beans. Beans have a trifecta of nutrients – protein, fiber and carbs – to keep you healthy and going strong.