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5 Techniques For An Amazing Massage

5 Techniques For An Amazing Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? They help you relax and unwind, while being incredibly beneficial for your muscles. Best of all, if you have a partner that can give you honest feedback, massage isn’t that difficult to learn.

Quick Tips

  1. Massage oil decreases the friction created on the skin and prevents the pulling of hairs, but don't use too much or you won’t be able to work the body with adequate pressure.
  2. Use slower movements for a soothing or calming response.
  3. When applying pressure with finger or thumb, provide support with the other fingers and thumbs, otherwise you will wear yourself out.

Back Massage Technique 1

Warm a modest amount of massage oil with your hands by rubbing them together is a rhythmic motion. Use the entire surface of both your hands to firmly stroke upwards from the lower back to the neck and back down again. Try this for 10 minutes or so.

Back Massage Technique 2

After you’re finished with technique one, begin using the heel of your hands and work them in circles. Start at the lower back, working outward and upward. End at the upper back. Try this for about 5 minutes.

Back Massage Technique 3

Next, stand on the opposite side to the one that you will be working on. Push with the flats of your fingers, one hand on top of the other, away from the center line, then glide back toward the spine. Back and forth. Start at the lower back, and work your way up. Try this for five minutes as well.

Back Massage Technique 4

With an open palm and pressing in your thumb for pressure, glide up the full length of the muscles on either side of the spine. Move slowly, feeling for knots as you glide from lower to upper back. Do this three times on each side and repeat.

Back Massage Technique 5

Place your thumb over any knots that your patient may have, and press firmly and with increasing pressure thus, gradually increasing the pressure until your patient feels moderate pain. Hold that pressure until the pain lowers – about five seconds. Repeat this once more.