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5 Ways to be Better in Bed

5 Ways to be Better in Bed

Make your partner feel special

It’s actually pretty simple. Being responsive and attentive to your partner will make them feel more desirable. Feeling desirable, in turn, makes you thirstier in the bedroom. Showing your partner some love, even they’re just part of a casual fling, will make your sex life better and more prolific.

Work at it

Like most things in life, the more you work at your sexual relationship, and even the way you perceive sex, the better it will become. This might take time. This might be difficult. This might take real spiritual growth (too deep?). But there’s no substitute for a truly rewarding and connected sexual experience. It’s way worth the effort.

Study your partner

We don’t mean how his/her naughty parts look on his/her body. We mean study your partner in a sense of knowing what they like and dislike, what makes them feel sexy and what they're passionate about in life. A real connection with your sexual partner takes the bedroom experience to a whole other level.

Be kind

It turns out nice guys can finish first. Your level of generosity and kindness directly correlates with your partner’s sexual satisfaction. People respond to being taken care of. Here’s the not-so-dirty little secret. People don’t like assoles. People like confidence. Don’t be afraid to be nice to someone you’re attracted to, just know your own worth and don’t be desperate.

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