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5 Ways to Boost your Energy to get Through the Holidays

5 Ways to Boost your Energy to get Through the Holidays

Days are getting shorter, it's getting colder and the comfort food is in full swing. Winter is
here and it's hard to keep the energy up and going when all you want to do is hibernate.
Here are some tips on how to keep pushing through the snow-filled weeks ahead.

Move: That's right If you are feeling drowsy or start to feel sleep is inevitable, get up and
move around a little bit. Do a dance, jump up and down or even do some stretches.
Anything to shock your body from getting too relaxed.

Give your eyes a break: Close your eyes for a few minutes, tilt your head back and
practice some deep breathing exercises or meditate, you will feel revitalized by the time
you are done and be ready to take on the day.

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Eat a healthy snack: Sugary snacks cause a crash and make you feel more fatigued.
Protein-packed treats boost your energy and keep you going all day, Try peanut butter on
celery or a handful of Almonds to get your energy back up. Pre-planning food and snacks
for the week is a good way to make sure that you will be stocked up with protein-packed
goodies to combat winter drowsiness.

Turn up the lights: Low or soft lighting aids in fatigue, Wake yourself up by opening up the
curtains or turning on more lights. More light means you'll have an easier time staying alert
and awake.

Winter is a hard time for most people, Staying awake long enough to get everything done is
a hard enough task as it is. Use these tips to get you through the winter months and you
won't be dreading winter from now on.