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Cut Back On Sugar

Cut Back On Sugar

Giving up sugar is such a daunting task, it's in everything we eat and makes everything taste better. Sugar has a negative effect on our health and is usually best if eaten in small doses. What if you could cut back on your sugar intake without going through sugar withdrawal and caving in? Look no further – this is going to be a list of items you can add to your diet and ways to sweeten your food without the negative impact on your body.

Cinnamon - Cinnamon is such a sweet spice that it can be added to your food and give you just enough of a hint of sweetness. You won't miss sugar. Try adding cinnamon to apple juice if you want something that tastes like dessert and, won't make you feel guilty about indulging.

Bananas - Use this awesome fruit to sweeten recipes or your everyday meals. Bananas are great in oatmeal, muffins smoothies, and cookies.

Dates - When you have dates blended with water or a little bit of syrup, it makes a great natural sweetener. These little sweet fruits are filled with natural sugar as it is so, moderation is key. This syrup concoction is the best solution if you are really craving something sweet without giving into refined sugar. This is a great addition to cookies along with homemade snack balls and bars.

Sweet Veggies - Adding sweet potatoes, bell peppers and carrots are great additions to any meal and will actually help you to crave sugar less and fill you up, without adding empty calories and making you feel guilty about indulging. You can add these options to smoothies or eat them raw.

Nutrovape - Nutrovape just launched two new products that are sweet-flavored to give you the fix you need. If you want to try something new and give into temptation a little bit, try Nutrovape Peppermint Breeze and Nutrovape Sweet Melon.

Giving into your sweetness needs shouldn't leave you feeling guilty, there are tons of ways to give in without actually giving in. Moderation is key when you are on a health journey and want to stay on the right path.