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Energy Drinks – Always A Terrible Decision

Energy Drinks – Always A Terrible Decision

They’re an explosion of sugar

One can of Red Bull has 27 grams of sugar and you shouldn’t take in more than 50 grams all day. That energy drink just took up more than half your allowance! Looks like you’re stuck eating veggies for the rest of the day. Excess sugar in your diet will also tank your work performance and make you fat. Nobody wants that.

You WILL get fat

What did I just say? That Red Bull contains 168 calories and a crapload of sugar. That sugar content is likely to lead to weight gain if consumed in the long term. Research shows soft drinks – energy drinks included – play a serious role in the USA’s obesity epidemic.

Say bye bye to your teeth

This was a real study, I’m not even joking. Scientists immersed samples of human teeth enamel in 13 sports drinks and nine different kinds of energy drinks for 15 minutes at a time for five days straight. They found signs of serious enamel damage, and energy drinks caused double the damage sports drinks did! It’s not only the sugar, either. You can blame your teeth woes on the high levels of acid in the cans, as well.

Fake sugar is probably the worst thing ever

Dietitians and doctors both HATE artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Guess what’s in that sugar free Red Bull? Sure, there aren’t any calories to count, but something else happens when you ingest fake sugar. You can become hungrier. Artificial sweeteners trick your body, and when your body finds out it’s the butt of the joke, that same body is going to want to eat and eat and eat.

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You look douchey

Let’s be honest. When we picture energy drinks, we picture a chubby, sweaty guy that probably plays way too many video games and has little to no social skills. Energy drinks just carry a bad image. That alone is enough for me to never pick one up. I’ll just stick to coffee – and Nutrovape Energy.