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Energy for Summer 2018

Energy for Summer 2018

Summer is the time where everything is in full swing, people are out doing various activities and enjoying the longer days and warmer nights. Sometimes there are so many things to do and there just isn't enough energy or time in the day to get everything you want to get done, done. Unfortunately, we can't give you more time in the day, but we can give you ways to boost your energy so you can at least get a majority of activities done and not feel exhausted too early.

Cayenne Peppers - These peppers are packed with capsaicin, which will trigger your body to release epinephrine which will help your brain to focus and help your body to release energy. Cayenne peppers also increase body temperature which will help you lose body fat if you are dieting at this time.

Coconut Water - This refreshing beverage will help to boost your energy levels instantly. This tasty drink not only hydrates your system, it washes out toxins as well.

Nuts, dried fruits and seeds - Raisins, figs, walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds are just some of the options you can eat that are rich in omega-fatty acids and will help you reach your daily good fat intake. The unsaturated fats in these snacks are burnt easily which releases energy to power your body longer.

Nutrovape Energy - Nutrovape makes an incredible, easy to use and tasty product. Nutrovape Energy is the quickest and easiest way to fill your tank to make sure you keep going for all hours of the day so you don't miss a single second of summer.

Apples - This simple fruit is great in all seasons, they are a great source of slow-releasing energy, plus they contain the Vitamins C and B along with potassium to really boost your energy
through the roof.

Eggs - The egg yolk is a rich source of Vitamins B and D. Vitamin B actually breaks down food to boost energy and Vitamin D strengthens your bones. They act as a great energy booster and replenish lost energy. Summer is the time that you don't want to miss out on, bonfires and beach trips, there is so much to do and see during the warmer months. Don't miss out on anything because you are
lacking the energy, replenish yourself and take on the world.