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Got Low Libido? Here's Why.

Got Low Libido? Here's Why.

Having low libido can cause havoc not only on your intimate relationship, but your mental confidence as well. This article is going to go over some possible reasons why your libido is decreasing. Don't let it stress you out, it happens to more people than you think, and it's a common problem. Fixing it could be as easy as talking to your doctor.

Low Cortisol

Cortisol is the hormone that helps you be able to handle stress in a "fight or flight" way. When you have elevated levels of this hormone, it can run your body down very quickly.  Cortisol plays an essential part in not only regulating your blood sugar but also keeping it steady as well. When you are at the maximum level of cortisol production, it affects your sleep, you store fat easier, your anxiety spikes and you could even develop thyroid problems. All of these things, in turn, will affect your libido. Working on your stress management can resolve this problem and heat things up again in the bedroom.


If you take medication for another ailment, this can affect your libido as well. Talking to your doctor about side effects you are experiencing is something that you shouldn't feel any embarrassment about. Medications that can cause libido problems are high blood pressure medications and antidepressants, along with opioids (morphine and oxycodone). These can actually lower testosterone levels and curb your sexual function.

Not Using Nutrovape

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Don't let low libido diminish your overall desire – there is always a way to get you back to your confident, sexy self. Don't be nervous to bring this up with your partner, because it is something that you both should work on together, and build your relationship to be stronger.