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Hangovers when you're over 30

Hangovers when you're over 30

If you are still partying the same way you partied when you were in college and you are 30 or older, you are probably noticing that your hangovers are getting worse as you age. You are not imagining it, the hangovers are getting harsher with the passing years and they will continue to get worse. Spoiler alert: this isn't your body telling you that you had an awesome time last night; it's your body is telling you that you're old and you need to be in bed, binge-watching some dumb TV show. If you need reasons why you should slow down your partying then keep reading.

You can't process all that alcohol

The older you get, your body can't process the drinks as well as it used to. In your younger days you could throw back shot after shot and not blink an eye, but as soon as you cross the age of 25, your body can no longer keep up with that kind of alcohol intake and you won't be able to recover like you used to.

Body Fat

As you get older you accumulate more body fat. That fat can't absorb alcohol, and generally the more body fat you have, the lower your tolerance is and the more severe your hangover will be.


Even if you are drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day, you still probably aren't getting enough hydration because your body water decreases as you age. Having less water in your body means that alcohol will increase your risk of dehydration and alcohol will remain in a more concentrated form in your system for longer.


The older you get, the more stress you accumulate. It might seem like a good idea to drink the stress away, but in reality the euphoria and good times don't last and will only make you feel worse afterward.

Getting older isn't a bad thing, it just means you are in a different chapter of your life and you should find things that bring you the same kind of joy that partying in your younger days did. If you still want to have a crazy night on the town once in a while, Nutrovape Recover will make sure to reduce those nasty headaches and lessen your nausea the next day. Nobody wants to hang out with the same frat bro they did when they were 19; it's ok to grow up and admit that you love a draft beer and binge-watching series online.