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I Tried Nutrovape Performax – And I’m Not Embarrassed

I Tried Nutrovape Performax – And I’m Not Embarrassed

I’m 30 years old. Let’s be honest, I’m not at a time in my life yet where I experience any kind of regularly occurring sexual issues. I’m also not the kind of person that would consume male enhancement pills just in order to have a “good time”. But something about Nutrovape Performax really intrigued me. I’d been familiar with most of Nutrovape’s other products and actually really enjoyed using them, especially the Sleep device. They work, they taste great and they’re easy to take with you wherever you go.

I had mentioned Performax half jokingly to my fiancé, and, to my surprise, she was also intrigued and thought it could be fun to try.

So we did.

I ordered one device and tt came in the mail a few days later. It didn’t feel weird at all because the packaging looked just like any of the other Nutrovape devices that I’ve been ordering for some time now. That night we settled into bed and my fiancé and I looked at each other and burst out laughing with skittish excitement. Maybe there were some nerves after all. I took the recommended 15 inhalations 30 minutes before we really started any sexual activity.

SIDE NOTE ---- I believe you can even take 5 inhalations daily if you experience some kind of chronic sexual issues.

As the night wore on, I definitely started to notice some changes. I won’t go into illicit detail, but I can say that Performax absolutely helped me, well, perform. Certain feelings were… enhanced, but at the same time I felt as if I had more stamina than ever. I can also say that at the end of the night both parties involved were absolutely satisfied… and sweaty.

For me personally, I’ll probably take advantage of Nutrovape Performax for special occasions, though I personally believe that this handy, little device could definitely help any man struggling in the bedroom. It worked very well for me, it felt powerful, and you can be very discreet about using it if you feel embarrassed (though I don’t see any reason to be, Nutrovape is perfection).

Another big bonus for me was that Performax contains all natural ingredients. Horny Goat Weed, Passion Flower Extract, Longjack, Tribulus Terrestris, Guarana Extract, Ginseng Extract, Maca Extract, and L-Theanine combine to get you ready to perform almost instantly.