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Introducing our Reuse and Recycle Initiative

Introducing our Reuse and Recycle Initiative

We’ve always been passionate about environmentally friendly practices and minimizing waste, from our oils that are crafted in the US following the highest standards possible, to the devices themselves, which use minimal materials and are packaged with minimal paper.

With that in mind, we’ve introduced a brand new “Reuse and Recycle” initiative that shows our customers locations near them (they can input a zip code and nearby locations pop up on a map) that accept used up lithium batteries aka the battery in every Nutrovape device.

Nutrovape Nutriair Recycle

Sustainability and protecting our environment is something our business is very passionate about. Recycling saves energy and water, lowers pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improves air and water quality, preserves landfill space and conserves natural resources. As a company, we want to make a positive impact on this Earth, and pass on the important message of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Obviously recycling is incredibly important and (thankfully) something the US is getting better at every year. However, discarding lithium batteries in the proper way is something that people seem to have a more difficult time with. Maybe it’s a convenience issue. The main challenge hindering the battery recycling industry is the long-term nature of financial investments required by market participants to develop specialised waste disposal services. Because the market is still unexplored, the specific impacts and overall profitability of these investments are unknown and thereby create ambiguity and uncertainty about making such commitments.

Hopes are high for things to get better, though (because they really have to). Recycling of lithium batteries is expected to be one of the main sources of lithium supply. It’s also expected be one of the means to hedge against the uncertain and potential price fluctuations arising due to geopolitical or other barriers.

This push for awareness is something we hope to see from other vape companies, as well.