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It’s Like Vaping an Energy Drink

It’s Like Vaping an Energy Drink

So I’m a big fan of energy drinks. Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar – you name it, I’ll drink it. With my busy schedule, it’s just the only thing that’ll keep me going (before you even think it, I hate the taste of coffee). Unfortunately, you and I both know that energy drinks aren’t really that good for your health. Excess sugar and weird chemicals are definitely an issue, but I didn’t really have another choice – until now.

Let me tell you about Nutrovape. They call themselves an inhalable supplement company. Each device looks like an e-cigarette, but they’re far from that. There are four different kinds – Energy, Sleep, Recover and Diet – with three more coming soon.  

Obviously, I’m reviewing the Energy device.

Leaving my warm, comfortable bed is tough, so I use it first thing in the morning after I wake up. Dragging myself to the gym is also tough, so I use it almost like a pre-workout. Beyond those situations, I simply use Energy when I need some energy. It’s great for anytime you’re feeling groggy.  


I give it five stars! I don’t leave the house without this thing! A few puffs and I am good to go. For me, the Energy device leaves me less jittery and feels cleaner than downing a Red Bull. Nutrovape is the best thing I’ve used as an energy supplement. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s clean and it’s so simple. It comes out of the box and ready to use.

I highly recommend Nutrovape to anyone who wants an easy solution to a number of life’s issues like being too sleepy, not being sleepy enough, overeating, etc. I’m more than excited to try out the three upcoming devices – Relax, Focus and Performax. It’s obvious Nutrovape doesn’t believe in standing still and are always innovating new ways to make life better and easier. That is one more reason I love this brand.