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Need Extra Energy This Fall?

Need Extra Energy This Fall?

As the cooler fall nights are coming closer every day, it is time to start preparing ourselves for the time when we will start to feel more drained and just want to hibernate all of the time. Unfortunately for most of us, we can't just crawl into a nest of blankets until fall and winter are over – we have to be able to be able to keep our energy up and take on whatever is thrown our way. Keep reading to get all of the tips and tricks to make sure you don't get into a slump and feel exhausted all of the time.


More Sleep

Your body requires more sleep in the cooler months, and the changing weather can affect some of your body's natural processes. Some people still push through their 5:30 am workouts, work multiple hours of overtime and then keep up with their extracurriculars on top of it all. This could actually have a harmful effect on your body. Your body wants more sleep because there is a lack of natural light in autumn and winter which suppresses your body's natural production of
melatonin which is the chemical your body produces to tell you it's time to get to sleep. Because nightfall happens sooner in the cooler months, you will generally feel more tired during this time. Try starting your nighttime routine 2-3 hours earlier and start your day a little later to give yourself that much more time to sleep.



Prioritizing your rest and good eating habits will help you get through the colder months with ease, making sure you eat a nutrient dense diet and boosting your Vitamin D and Vitamin C intake will ensure you make it through the colder months like a champ. Try including warming spices, garlic, ginger, and steamed vegetables into your diet will help your body navigate it's way through the season in a healthy manner and will give your digestive system a break from all of the salads you probably ate during the warmer months.

Nutrovape Energy is also a great product to incorporate into your new Autumn routine, it works quickly and will give you the boost of energy your body needs to get through the shorter days. Whatever works for you and helps you get through your days the easiest will make the seasons go by quickly so if you need to drink 10 cups of coffee to get yourself to work, do it and whatever
else you need to do to motivate yourself.