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Panacea Just Made Vaping Even More Convenient

Panacea Just Made Vaping Even More Convenient

Remember when smoking was cool? It was about 50 or 60 years ago. The economy was booming and you could spot every actor, musician and even doctor with a cigarette in their mouth. Part of said coolness came from the sleek and awesome cases that one could store their cigarettes in. Panacea Case Co. is hoping to revive this trend in the age of vaping with The Elixir Case. 

The Elixir Case is a small, thin carrier for your vape pens and cartridges, and it’s about the size of an iPhone. It comes with individual ports to secure the pen and two cartridges and features interchangeable “FACES” to personalize any Elixir Case. Oh yeah, it also comes with a micro-USB plug so you can charge your pens on-the-go.


The electronic cigarette market has grown steadily since 2008. In fact, it’s projected to grow by another $47 billion by 2025. The products themselves have evolved as well. While the bulk of vape pens are still used to deliver nicotine, some brands are actually blending in natural ingredients to provide energy, sleep aids, appetite suppressants and more - giving you control over the way you feel with every little puff. Revolutionary stuff, right? The problem is that even though we’re seeing plenty of innovation, support for vaping is lagging. Panacea is here to fix all that.

Andrew from Panacea says, “Our goal is to provide a better experience for vape pen users.” The Elixir Case seems to do just that, as it solves a variety of problems. If your vape pen tends to leak, the case won’t let it stain your clothing. Panacea’s case is even fire proof, if you’re unlucky enough to experience sparks from the lithium battery that powers your device. Plus, you won’t have to worry about running out of said battery, because the Elixir Case is also a portable charger, and there’s enough room for all your vaping equipment.

You can find Panacea Case Co. in the San Francisco Bay Area, creating a unique, high-quality product that actually keeps up with the ever-growing vape industry.