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Secret Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Secret Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Can’t lose weight and tried every trick in the book? Check out these super secret reasons your scale isn’t budging.

You’re Overeating Healthy Foods

Just because a food is "healthy" doesn’t mean it has no calories. Don’t binge eat anything, from kale chips to egg whites or losing weight is going to be a VERY tough job.

You’re Addicted to TV Dinners

They’re super quick and easy, yes – but they’re packed with sodium. Like, really packed. Sodium ups your chances at being obese in the future and bloats you like there’s no tomorrow. Cut out salt, drink more water. Your diet will get a lot easier.

You’re Not Getting Enough Rest

People who don’t sleep enough have larger waistlines, according to an International Journal of Obesity study. Experts believe the connection between weight gain and sleep deprivation comes from the fact that a lack of sleep can increase levels of your body’s stress (and fat-storing) hormone cortisol. Better catch some Zs!

You’re Not Eating Enough

You’d think it’d be that simple – less calories, less weight. Unfortunately, it’s not. When your body starts noticing a calorie deficit, it will inherently hold onto as much fat as possible, thinking “well, when’s the next time I’ll be fed?”

You’re Too Strict

A little leeway goes a long way. If you don’t allow yourself a cheat meal here and there, you’ll fall off the diet wagon sooner than later. No one likes to be miserable. Don’t completely cut a food that you absolutely love. Just be smart about when and how much you eat of it.

You Drink Diet Drinks

The long-term effects of artificial sweeteners found in soda and other diet foods cause increased cravings for sweets like cookies and cake. Other studies have connected the artificial sweeteners to decreasing levels of the inflammation-fighting probiotics that live in your belly. You will want to eat more and eat worse. Stay away from diet foods with fake ingredients.

You Eat Three Meals a Day

Eating more often boosts the metabolism. 5 smaller meals are the norm now – can you make the switch?

You Eat in Front of The TV

British researchers discovered that people who ate in front of the TV consumed up to 25 percent more calories than those who dined without stimulation. Focus on your food and you can focus on losing some weight.

You Think About Working Out a Lot

Exercise is a key part in the process of losing weight. But studies show that when you think about going to gym too much, you eat too much. You instinctively think that you’ll burn the calories off, so you don’t watch what you put in your body. Big mistake.

You’re Not Using Nutrovape Diet

There are a LOT of fat loss supplements on the market. They’re mostly crap. Nutrovape Diet doesn’t burn fat, it naturally suppresses your appetite and cravings for sugars. Eat better. Use Nutrovape.