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Sleep Through Spring

Sleep Through Spring

The clocks have jumped forward an hour, everyone is grumpy and you are feeling like one of the legless zombies from The Walking Dead, dragging yourself everywhere. Lucky for you though, we have some ways to help you get so sleep quick tonight so you will not be feeling like this tomorrow. The worst thing is staying up at night, watching the minutes tick by and thinking “Only  4 hours and 21 minutes until I need to get up for work”.

One of the key things is not to go to bed until you feel sleepy, climbing into bed at 10 p.m. won’t guarantee you will get the full 8 hours you need. Getting into bed while you’re wide awake is actually proven to have the opposite effect, which is frustrating. Giving yourself a designated wind down time is highly recommended. Give yourself 20-30 minutes before bed to do something that relaxes you, we love to incorporate the following into our nightly routine:

  • Baths/Showers
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Tea

These are only a few suggestions, whatever makes you fully relaxed and works for you is what you should be doing. Watching something borning like a documentary or a series can actually be very beneficial, as long as you remember to set a timer to shut the television off, the white light will damage your REM cycle, we know there’s a lot of contradictions to get your best sleep. Try investing in some very comfy bedding and make your bed a haven you can’t wait to crash into every night. Splurging on comfier pillows, softer bedsheets and an amazing mattress are all something that will end up benefiting you in the long run.

Sleep can be a finicky thing, everyone needs a different amount and are either light or deep sleepers and you even get the ones who feel the need to walk around and cause chaos. Whatever your sleeping style is, Nutrovape Sleep is here to help you reach your full sleep potential. With a great, subtle taste and quick-acting sleep-inducing melatonin, your sleep transition will be a peaceful and fulfilling one.