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Sleeping through the Dog Days of Summer

Sleeping through the Dog Days of Summer

As the temperatures rise throughout the summer, it can get harder to get to sleep especially if you aren’t privy to central air in your home. Thankfully, A/C hasn’t been around forever and we can learn from heat wave sufferer’s of years passed to make the later hours more comfortable.

Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to your health and making sure you get enough of it should be a high priority, especially in the summer.
Keep a plant mister by your bed, spray your bed sheets lightly or even if you wake up through the night to spray yourself to keep yourself cool. Also, investing in blackout curtains can be a life saver, not only will they keep your room at a comfortable temperature, but they will also cut down your energy costs. One sure fire way to keep your body temperature down is by freezing
washcloths or even socks and putting them on your body and feet is a great way to keep the heat at bay during the dog days of summer.

Have a good circulating fan and put a tray of ice cubes in front of it, the fan will pick up the chilliness and be able to circulate it throughout the room or try having a cool shower before you crawl into bed, doing this will cool your body temperature down and help you get to sleep a lot quicker. Nutrovape Sleep is a great way to guarantee that you will get a great night’s sleep regardless of the temperature. With it’s easy to use and sleek design it is a discreet and easy way to incorporate a little sleep inducing magic into your night time routine.

Make sure that you swap out your bedsheets and heavy pjs, leave the flannel and silk sheets for the fall and winter. Invest in some light cotton sheets that will let your body breathe while you sleep. Try wearing shorts and light clothes to bed so you won’t be swimming in sweat when you wake up in the morning.

Summer can be such a brutal time for people who don’t have the luxury of air conditioning. If you have to get creative to stay cool don’t stress out about it, people have done it before central air was even a lightbulb Willis Carrier’s head and lived to tell the tale.