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Stay Calm And Ace Tests

Stay Calm And Ace Tests

As exams draw closer with the upcoming holiday season, students around the world are currently re-reading, highlighting and starting that climb up stress mountain. It is totally normal and expected to get anxious about exams; they are intimidating and hold your final grade in the balance. It is important, however, that you remain calm and clear-headed when writing tests or exams so the answers can come to you easier. If you are about to start that steep climb and are experiencing stress on stress on stress, then keep reading.

Positive Vibes

Talk yourself up, you are your own worst critic so, start telling yourself how you are going to rock that exam and blow your professor's mind with your incredibly intelligent essay, short answers, and general knowledge. The more you build yourself up, the less room you have for any doubt that you are going to fail. You can do this and once you believe it, it will happen.

Focus On You

Don't fixate on what anyone else is doing, especially once you are in the testing room. As soon as that test starts, you are the only one in that room and you are going to take your time and read every question thoroughly and take the time to answer everything. If you need to take your eyes off your paper to refocus, just close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths.


Before you even start writing anything, read through the test, every question and all of the instructions. A lot of people get so overwhelmed by the test that they don't take the time to read everything and take in all of the details. Take a few minutes and read through the test to plan your strategy of attack.

Tests and exams really are the worst, because some people just genuinely don't test well, no matter how much they study. Stress does worse things to your body than a test ever could. Going into any test this exam season just remember to stay calm and keep telling yourself that you are going to destroy whatever your professor throws your way.