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Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy

We are right in the middle of cold and flu season. Constant nose-blowing, sneezing and feeling like the grim reaper is coming for you. During this time, your co-workers and family suddenly become infectious gremlins. The love you had for them suddenly disappears as you shield yourself from unwanted virus’s trying to invade your space. We all go through it, don’t guilt yourself over it. If you want to be one of the select few who makes it through this season healthy, keep reading.

One of the most obvious statements to make is, get enough rest and manage your stress. We laughed at that too, these days there seems to be more stress than oxygen. Sleep deprivation and overloading on stress will make your body release more cortisol into your system which negatively impacts your immune system. If you are a cigarette smoker, you might want to think about cutting back or even quitting. Tobacco undermines your basic immune defenses and increases the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia. Excessive alcohol consumption will also impact your immune system and increases your vulnerability to lung infections. Did we just ruin your Friday night plans?.

This winter, try adding garlic along with a tone of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and good quality animal products. Adding garlic alone is a great way to add an immune booster and a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent. If you want to really boost your immune system, try adding Nutrovape Immune to your daily routine. You won’t even know your immune system is getting whipped into shape to fight off any invaders. Probiotics are also a great option, studies have shown that supplements reduce the chances of infections in your respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Fermented dairy products have also been shown to reduce the chances of respiratory infections in both adults, and kids.

It seems like winter is the season for “every person for themselves” when it comes to health. If people just realized they were too sick to go to school or work and stayed home, the world would be a healthier and happier place. If you are feeling ill, do everyone in your life a favor and stay home and binge something on Netflix.