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Need Extra Energy This Fall?

Need Extra Energy This Fall?

As the cooler fall nights are coming closer every day, it is time to start preparing ourselves for the time when we will start to feel more drained and just want to hibernate all of the time. Unfortunately for most of us, we can't just crawl into a nest of blankets until fall and winter are over – we have to be able to be able to keep our energy up and take on whatever is thrown our way. Keep reading to get all of the tips and tricks to make sure you don't get into a slump and feel exhausted all of the time.


More Sleep

Your body requires more sleep in the cooler months, and the changing weather can affect some of your body's natural processes. Some people still push through their 5:30 am workouts, work multiple hours of overtime and then keep up with their extracurriculars on top of it all. This could actually have a harmful effect on your body. Your body wants more sleep because there is a lack of natural light in autumn and winter which suppresses your body's natural production of
melatonin which is the chemical your body produces to tell you it's time to get to sleep. Because nightfall happens sooner in the cooler months, you will generally feel more tired during this time. Try starting your nighttime routine 2-3 hours earlier and start your day a little later to give yourself that much more time to sleep.



Prioritizing your rest and good eating habits will help you get through the colder months with ease, making sure you eat a nutrient dense diet and boosting your Vitamin D and Vitamin C intake will ensure you make it through the colder months like a champ. Try including warming spices, garlic, ginger, and steamed vegetables into your diet will help your body navigate it's way through the season in a healthy manner and will give your digestive system a break from all of the salads you probably ate during the warmer months.

Nutrovape Energy is also a great product to incorporate into your new Autumn routine, it works quickly and will give you the boost of energy your body needs to get through the shorter days. Whatever works for you and helps you get through your days the easiest will make the seasons go by quickly so if you need to drink 10 cups of coffee to get yourself to work, do it and whatever
else you need to do to motivate yourself.

Snooze Button Syndrome

Snooze Button Syndrome

We have all been there; the alarm goes off and you know you need more sleep so you smash the snooze button. Ten times later you finally look at the clock and realize you’re actually 45 minutes behind schedule and now you need to boot it to work. If this is becoming a habit, and one that you need to break because you are sick of doing the walk of shame past your colleagues, keep reading.

No Social

Studies have shown that you shouldn't use technology right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up, although it’s a hard habit to break if you’re used to checking out Facebook as soon as you open your eyes. The light from the screens we use trick our minds into thinking that it is daytime, and we need to stay wide awake, which can cause problems if we are trying to actually shut down for the night. Invest in an alarm clock and charge your phone outside of your bedroom so you aren't tempted, also if you need to watch T.V. to fall asleep, make sure to set the timer for it to shut off so you get a restful sleep and won't have an issue getting out of bed in the morning.

Be Positive

This might sound crazy, but if you have a positive outlook on life, it will actually make it easier for you to start your day and also get great sleep. If you are in a positive state of mind you will be able to fall asleep easier and have a restful night, and won't hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off. It may be hard to be positive all of the time, but even if you focus on a small, good thing for the day and focus on it, you will be surprised how your whole outlook changes.


Nutrovape offers great products to help you get the energy you need, and also the great sleep you deserve. Try using Nutrovape Sleep if you need a full eight hours, and, instead of slamming the snooze button, try using Nutrovape Energy for a quick burst of energy that will make you forget about coffee. With no side effects and a great taste, Nutrovape is the best option to meet all of your needs.

As great as those five extra minutes of sleep are in the morning, hitting snooze can do more damage than good. Try something new to make yourself a morning person; you will get on your bosses good side and you will feel amazing.  

Eat your way to more energy

Eat your way to more energy

Those weeks that drag on forever hit us when we least expect them; having no energy to do what you need to do, but having the energy to get to work and home. What if the cure to those long weeks were as simple as just changing up your diet? This article is going to go over some delicious options to add to your next grocery list so you can have the energy of a toddler who just downed a whole bag of skittles.

Quinoa –This little grain is packed with more protein than any other grain, plus it is packed with amino acids and makes the perfect energy boost. Along with being high in folate, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese, quinoa is packed with nutrient-rich carbs.  

Eggs- This is a beloved breakfast food for a reason. Eggs have high-quality protein and are packed with heart-loving fatty acids that will keep you energized for the long haul.

Green Tea- Try switching out java for green tea. This delicious hug in a mug is packed with caffeine and a compound named thymine that will also keep you focused and alert without the jittery feeling. On top of everything, green tea can also help to burn belly fat.

Salmon- Wild salmon is great for muscles; it is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Just in case you needed an excuse to go for sushi!

Blueberries- These low sugar, high fiber mini energy bombs will keep you buzzing. The best part is these little guys are totally amazing in anything from salads to smoothies – get creative!

Bananas- The easiest and cheapest way to get an energy boost, these glucose packed yellow treats will give you enough energy to crush a workout or get through the final leg of a really long Tuesday.

These foods are all great ways to boost your energy. If you are looking for an extra powerhouse, try Nutrovape Energy. This easy to use energy inhalant is made right here in the USA.  All of these foods are great, easy and tasty ways to get through a very long week.