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Relax This Summer 2.0

Relax This Summer 2.0

Sometimes we get so busy doing different things that we let the summer zoom by and we don't relax as much as we should. Sometimes it's ok to do some more low-key activities and just let your body and mind chill out. Summer is such a fun time and there is always so much to do that we end up burning ourselves out, because we want to get as much done as possible while the weather is amazing.


This is such a great way to really get back into a quiet space even if you don't catch anything. Being on a quiet lake or river just connecting with nature again, you will be surprised how relaxed you will be when you head back home. Besides, you can finally use the excuse "gone fishing" if someone tries to bug you.


Take a day and go completely off the grid. Turn off your cell phone, step away from any screen and take a day and do whatever you want to do. Sleeping in, have a relaxing, long bubble bath and reading are just some of the amazing things you can do that will put you into a very zen state and get you recharged to take on the rest of summer. Sometimes we just need a day to really clear our heads and be alone to get back to a headspace that is healthy and continue on with our regular routine.


Nutrovape Relax is the easiest way to get yourself to relax. It is discreet and easy to use, and it will complement any relaxing activity you choose to take part in this summer.


The beauty about this exercise is that it is low impact and intended for the calming of your mind and body and reaching that peaceful state when you finish. You can literally do yoga anywhere – from your backyard to the beach and even on a mountain somewhere. Wherever you find the most peaceful is where you are going to be able to achieve the stillness you need in your life.

It may be hard to find the time to be able to get away, you have to physically choose and make yourself slow down and take time for yourself. There is no point in running yourself ragged just because the weather is nice, you won't be able to enjoy the rest of it because you are trying to recharge your batteries.

Eat to Relax

Eat to Relax

Sometimes the best thing you can do to de-stress and relax is eat something, Some people eat things that aren't good for you but give you that comfort. What if there was food you could eat that would ease you into relaxation without the guilt that comes with it? This article will go over some tasty relaxation inducing food to add to your next grocery list.

Vegetable Soup-  Soup, in general, is the best food to relax your nerves. It works so well because it helps your body to get rid of infections, which is plenty of cause to feel uneasy. When you are looking at soups, pick something with tomatoes, green peppers, and carrots; and you could even add some spinach, garlic, and thyme to improve your health.

Celery– In history, celery was regarded as a cure for stress. Hippocrates actually prescribed the vegetable as a tonic for people suffering from nervous tension. Today, celery is recognized as an effective way to lower high blood pressure which will lead to an easier way to relax.

Oatmeal- Sugar-free oatmeal will help you to relax because it’s a complex carbohydrate. These enhance your body's ability to absorb tryptophan, which leads to the production of serotonin, which is a brain chemical that makes the body relax. Oats are also rich in Vitamin B6 which is an anti-stress vitamin and is also rich in melatonin, which is a hormone that results in a healthy sleep and relaxation.

Honey- Honey is high is tryptophan to help reduce your anxiety and relax your nerves, and is also rich in potassium with will bring soothing relief to your brain and body. Potassium will help you to fight off stress hormones and acids in your body to relax your nervous system.

Who knew that relaxing could be so delicious? These foods are all good ways to relax. In addition to this try using Nutrovape Relax. This easy to use, personal nutrient inhalant is the best and quickest way to make sure that your road to relaxation is paved as smoothly as possible.

Tired or Stressed?

Tired or Stressed?

There is always so much to do and so little time. What if scrambling to get everything done in a timely matter is not only damaging your health, but to your body as well. Stress is a deadly thing and can cause many complications. Sometimes all you need to do is take a day and indulge in some self-care. This article is going to go over some of the ways you will be able to tell if you’re at the point where you need to take a day off.

If you’re on edge, easily irritable or overly-jumpy, this could be a sign that you are sleep deprived, extra tired or yep, you guessed it – overstressed. Stress can seriously affect your mood if you don't monitor and take care of it.  If you are having constant pain in your neck and shoulders, this is your bodies way of telling you to slow down and relax a little bit. Your muscles are sore from chronically tensing them up all of the time. If you are constantly working and always on the go, you have probably heard the dreaded phrases "You need to chill" or "You need to relax". As annoying as this can get, maybe have a look at why these people are saying it to you. Obviously showing signs of exhaustion or a change in behavior severe enough for people to notice is a huge flashing neon sign saying that you need to take a "you" day.

If you are always taking on more projects and work, otherwise known as a "yes man" (or woman), this will also help you get to your full stress potential. You shouldn't feel any pressure to take on more work. If you’re swamped, it's ok to say no. If you’re wanting to be alone more often, it’s a sign that you are under a lot of pressure and just need to get away from it for a bit. Constantly turning down social gatherings and avoiding your friends and family is just one of the many ways you can tell that it's time you get away, book a spa day or even sleep in, cook a big breakfast and read all day.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are worn out. It will make you stronger and help you  start to notice the signs before you get to your breaking point. To prevent getting close to that point try using Nutrovape Relax. This handy little gizmo will help you find your daily balance and keep your head level without taking pills. Don't be afraid to indulge in self-care – it's the healthiest and best way to get yourself back to feeling like you again.