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Take a Deep Breath

Take a Deep Breath

We are almost out of the 2017 Holidays. Unfortunately, it is still a stressful time until New Year's Eve passes. Read the following article for some tips to stay zen until you see the ball drop.

Tea: Green Tea to be exact. It’s packed with L-Theanine which is a component that reduces anger. Make a cup and be automatically soothed. Also try adding honey to your tea instead of sugar. Honey is an excellent aid in fighting anxiety and depression by naturally producing compounds that reduce swelling in the brain.

Gum and Snacks: Just a few minutes of chewing gum is actually enough to reduce anxiety and cortisol levels. Snacking on something crunchy like celery or trail mix will also comfort you when you feel like there are too many tasks at hand.

Relax: Nutrovape Relax is a great option to try; the oil in this handy little gizmo is 100% natural and made in the USA. With a blend of Passionflower, Chamomille, and Valerian root extract you can't go wrong with this guy at your side. When stress comes calling take a few inhalations and you'll feel totally at peace again.

Water: Whenever you feel stressed, drip a few drops of cold water on your wrists or behind your ears. There are several major arteries under the skin located in those areas. If you focus on cooling those areas down, it will calm your whole body down.

Counting:  But not the way you were taught. Whenever you feel like your situation is too much to handle, take a breath and start counting slowly backward from 10 and then back again. You will be so focused on what comes after 5 that you will start to fully relax. Breathing slowly while you are doing this will also help to lower your blood pressure and heart rate helping to get you back to your normal zen state.

The Light:  Find the sun on a bright day and soak up the rays. If it is a dreary day, a very bright light is a good way to liven spirits and start to get you back to normal.

Christmas and New Years is a time that should be focused on family and loved ones. Don't let stress deter you from what's important in life. Wishing you a healthy New Year from the team at Nutrovape.