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Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is literally at our front door right, and one thing everyone is looking forward to is that glorious post-turkey dinner nap and you know the one I am talking about. When you wake up from this nap you feel amazing and ready to conquer all of the problems this world has. But what if you could make it through a full Thanksgiving feast without the crash afterward. As amazing as it is, sometimes we don't have the time to take a nap because there is always so much going on during the holidays. If you need tips on how to avoid being pulled into the sweet nap abyss, keep reading.


Instead of using a regular sized dinner plate, use a smaller one. Using this “hack” will trick your mind into thinking you are actually eating more, when in reality you are eating less. Doing this is a great way to feel indulgent without actually going overboard.


Take a little bit of everything to put on your plate, so you can taste everything without the risk of sleeping away the rest of your day when you are finished eating.       


Eat a small meal a few hours before the main course, starving yourself all day waiting for the big meal is only setting yourself up to fail because by the time you get to dinner you will be so hungry you will indulge and end up hibernating into 2019.


Fill up on the healthy foods first when you sit down to eat, load up on turkey, salads, and veggies so you leave very little room for the carb-heavy foods that make you drowsy.

Thanksgiving is the time to bask in all of the good energy from the people you love in your life so don't let a 100-year nap take away any time from that. These rules are just a guideline to keep yourself on track, it's always hard to keep yourself in the right lane when you are surrounded by love and amazing food so, do you! From your family at Nutrovape, Happy Thanksgiving.