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This is for you, Scatterbrain

This is for you, Scatterbrain

We’ve found 7 ways to keep you more focused and less… all over the place. Sounds useful, doesn’t it?

Casual Meditation

Before starting a new task, take the time to calm your brain. You don’t have to chant or sit a certain way, just get comfy and feel your body against the chair or floor and breathe. Try not to think about anything at all.

Not Every Distraction Is Bad

Distractions aren’t necessarily bad, but you have to pick and choose the right ones. You can’t let every little thing steal your focus, and you have to identify what good and bad distractions are. Pay attention next time you are trying to get some work done and see what your big distractions are.

Take 30

We get it. Life is crazy hectic. But the emails can wait for 30 minutes if it means you’re more productive the rest of the day. Take some time for yourself so you can recharge and think clearly.

Coffee Is Life

It doesn’t get any simpler than a good ol’ cup of coffee. You’ll feel alert and focused in no time. Drink up!

Stay Cool

Multiple studies show that temperature affects how well you work. Apparently the low 70’s is where you want to stay for optimum focus. If you work in a crazy cold office (you know what I’m talking about), you might want to consider bringing a sweater.

Jam Out

Music really does help you focus on your thoughts, but here’s the catch – you have to like the song. Good music helps, bad music hurts. Grab your headphones and jam your way to a better workday.


If you’re sitting in on a long meeting or conference, improve your focus with a pencil and paper. According to a study from the University of Plymouth in England, doodling aids in cognitive performance and recollection.