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Tired or Stressed?

Tired or Stressed?

There is always so much to do and so little time. What if scrambling to get everything done in a timely matter is not only damaging your health, but to your body as well. Stress is a deadly thing and can cause many complications. Sometimes all you need to do is take a day and indulge in some self-care. This article is going to go over some of the ways you will be able to tell if you’re at the point where you need to take a day off.

If you’re on edge, easily irritable or overly-jumpy, this could be a sign that you are sleep deprived, extra tired or yep, you guessed it – overstressed. Stress can seriously affect your mood if you don't monitor and take care of it.  If you are having constant pain in your neck and shoulders, this is your bodies way of telling you to slow down and relax a little bit. Your muscles are sore from chronically tensing them up all of the time. If you are constantly working and always on the go, you have probably heard the dreaded phrases "You need to chill" or "You need to relax". As annoying as this can get, maybe have a look at why these people are saying it to you. Obviously showing signs of exhaustion or a change in behavior severe enough for people to notice is a huge flashing neon sign saying that you need to take a "you" day.

If you are always taking on more projects and work, otherwise known as a "yes man" (or woman), this will also help you get to your full stress potential. You shouldn't feel any pressure to take on more work. If you’re swamped, it's ok to say no. If you’re wanting to be alone more often, it’s a sign that you are under a lot of pressure and just need to get away from it for a bit. Constantly turning down social gatherings and avoiding your friends and family is just one of the many ways you can tell that it's time you get away, book a spa day or even sleep in, cook a big breakfast and read all day.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you are worn out. It will make you stronger and help you  start to notice the signs before you get to your breaking point. To prevent getting close to that point try using Nutrovape Relax. This handy little gizmo will help you find your daily balance and keep your head level without taking pills. Don't be afraid to indulge in self-care – it's the healthiest and best way to get yourself back to feeling like you again.