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Top Foods For A Healthy Diet

Top Foods For A Healthy Diet

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. That means it's time to put the comfort foods of Winter away and chow down on something different. Instead of eating those hearty meals, it's always best to eat go for the lighter foods. Whether it's a fruit, vegetable or protein, there are quite a few different foods that are best eaten in the heat. Below are just a few of the best summer foods you can eat that are the perfect addition to a healthy diet.

Watermelon :
There isn't a finer feeling that diving face first into a slice of watermelon. These fruits are packed with not only a lot of water, but also vitamins including A, B6 and C. Because of the high-volume of water and vitamins, you can pig out on watermelon and not worry about it! 


The avocado that we know of is actually a fruit even though many refer to it as a vegetable. Not only is the avocado full of vitamins, it also contains loads of potassium and carotenoids, which are great for your eyes your heart. This makes guacamole one add-on you should go for when it's an extra for your burrito.
Is there anything more refreshing that a cool cucumber? Heck, they even have refreshing cucumber soaps! Not only are they great as a cool snack, they'll keep you with hydrated with high water content and even help cool off muscle inflammation through controlling enzymes in charge of inflammation.
While at those summer BBQs, you're going to be surrounded about a lot of grilled meats. The most popular choices for BBQs are typically pork and beef, but if there's chicken on the grill, go for that instead. Chicken is naturally low in fat and high in protein, making it great for keeping up those summer muscles.
Joining watermelon in the genre of "foods that have seeds that are fun to spit out" are cherries. These red fruits may be small, but they pack a myriad of health benefits, including helping your sleep better, decrease belly fat and ward off diabetes.
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