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Vaping Unlikely to Lead to Smoking – Nutrovape Even Less So

Vaping Unlikely to Lead to Smoking – Nutrovape Even Less So

Some say that e-cigarettes are a gateway product that lead more people, especially teens, to smoke regular cigarettes. Public health researchers from the University at Buffalo and the University of Michigan say NO.

"The national trends in vaping and cigarette smoking do not support the argument that vaping is leading to smoking," said Lynn Kozlowski, PHD, the paper's lead author and a professor of community health and health behavior in UB's School of Public Health and Health Professions. Kozlowski added that research in the U.S. shows that as use of e-cigarettes has increased, overall smoking rates have gone down.

You can read more about the study here.

So if actual electronic cigarettes don’t even lead to smoking, you can put your mind at ease when you use Nutrovape. Nutrovape is not an e-cig by any extent of the imagination, although you use it in a similar fashion. Think of the products more as an inhalable supplement rather than comparing them with cigarettes. Each device contains no nicotine or tobacco and are not meant to help anyone quit smoking.

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Nutrovape does, however, help you in other areas of your life. There are four different devices so far. One provides clean, natural energy with no crash. One helps you fall asleep fast with no morning hangover. Another helps control your appetite in order to promote a healthy diet and the last helps prevent hangovers if you use it throughout a night of drinking. Each product contains a blend of natural supplements and herbs that enhance your life without harmful chemicals. New blends are on their way as well, that are said to aid your focus, relaxation and even help you in the bedroom.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying Nutrovape, throw away your worries and just do it. You’ll always be on top of your game no matter where you go with your very own personal, inhalable supplement device.