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What Not To Do Before You Go To Sleep

What Not To Do Before You Go To Sleep

Everyone has a different tradition when it comes to getting ready for bed. From brushing your teeth to turning on the TV, there's always an order of operations that we follow. However, there are a few things that you should definitely not do if you want a good night's rest. Here are the five worst things to do before going to sleep.

  • Don't Use Electronics - When we say electronics, we mean watching TV, using your phone or playing video games. This is because the screens you're looking at when using these devices have harsh blue lights. This blue light stimulates your brain, making it harder to fall in to a deep sleep. While you can find blue light filters for your phone, it's best to stick to reading a book, meditating or listening to some music.
  • Don't Take a Shower - After a long day, sometimes the best thing is taking a hot shower and relaxing. If you're going to do this, make sure you do it well before you hit the bed. You see, your body temperature cools as the night progresses and a hot shower can heat up your body. If this happens, your body temperature will jump up and possibly make falling asleep more difficult or just uncomfortable. Try taking showers a couple of hours before you decide to lay down in bed.

  • Don't Drink Caffeine - Everybody knows that caffeine wakes you, so this should be a no brainer. Drinks like soda, coffee and certain teas are full of caffeine, which will keep you from falling asleep. Instead of drinking anything with caffeine, just drink a glass of water or even a "sleepy time tea."
  • Don't Eat Food - Not only will your brain be stimulated after eating food, there are certain foods that can make nighttime even worse. If you're looking to eat spicy food before bed, it's best to skip it. This is because spicy foods can give you acid reflux, which will undoubtedly keep you up all night. Try eating at least two hours before you go to bed, and skip out on the fatty or spicy foods if you can.
  • Don't Drink Alcohol - While you may think that booze your drinking is making you sleepy, it's actually going to make a good night sleep basically impossible. How? As your body is metabolizing the alcohol in your drinks, it's harder for your brain to go into a deep sleep, Rapid Eye Movement sleep or REM sleep

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