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Why We Should Appreciate Fall More

Why We Should Appreciate Fall More

Fall is literally so close that you can taste the apple cider and feel the cozy chunky scarves. A lot of people do suffer from SAD and start to experience symptoms during this time. And in one of our last blogs, we went over how to manage these symptoms when they start to show themselves. In this blog we are going to go over what makes fall the best season of the year - even though we just heard a collective groan because it technically isn't even October yet.

The Weather

Not the weather where it starts out chilly in the morning and is hotter than July by the afternoon, the weather that is just chilly enough for sweaters and leggings and the cool breeze can't be beaten, especially if you get a clear night hanging out around a bonfire with your favorite people.  

The Fashion

This should be a given because those knee-high riding boots have been calling your name since last November and the chunky scarves are dying to be worn with cute sweaters. Plaid is always in fashion during the fall and always makes your outfit look pulled together.

The Change

The foliage in itself should be enough to convince you that fall is the best; there is absolutely nothing better than going for a drive and coming up over the hill to be hit full on with a canyon of reds, oranges, and yellows taking up the scene. Fall is also the best for your Instagram feed.


Haunted houses, apple picking, Halloween and, for our northern neighbors, Thanksgiving are just some of the things to get excited about when fall hits. Heading out to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin to carve or getting a bushel of apples for apple crumble or apple pie is the best way to spend an afternoon and you get some pretty incredible food out of the deal too.

The most important thing that happens in the fall is concerning kids. This is the time that all parents look forward to all summer long and have the wine ready to celebrate as soon as they see that big yellow bus coming up the road. As much as you love your kids there is no better feeling then shipping them off to school for the day. A lot of people look at fall as the door starting to open to the colder weather and heading into winter, but maybe if people looked at the positives of the season instead of focusing on the negatives they would have a better time. Ship the kids off, get your cute clothes on and go sip that pumpkin spice latte you have been craving for a year, you've earned it.