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Worst Drinks for Hangovers

Worst Drinks for Hangovers

Nobody likes a hangover. They can cause your head to feel like it's going to explode and even make you toss up whatever you consumed the night before. We'll say it again, nobody likes a hangover. That being said, we have all woken up to one the morning after a night of drinking and hated it. How do you avoid a hangover? For starters, you can learn about the worst drinks for hangovers.

Whiskey, Rum, Red Wine and other dark spirits.

These drinks all have one thing in common: they're dark in color. This is because of the congeners found within them that are formed during the fermentation or aging process. While they may look rich in color thanks to the congeners, they're also linked to hangovers. This means that cheap spiced rum you picked up and loaded into the punch is without a doubt going to give you a hangover. If you're looking to wake up the next day without a hangover, try and stay away from these drinks.

Alright, so your favorite drink is known to cause hangovers. What do you do now? First off, go for the lighter alcohols like gin, vodka and white wine. These drinks contain less congeners and are least likely to cause a hangover. Also, funny enough, grain alcohol is one of the purest alcohols you can get, having been distilled so many times and is actually less likely to cause a hangover. Yes, grain alcohol, the alcohol that's always mentioned at the beginning of one of your friends' crazy party night stories.

If you do plan on drinking a congener-packed drink during the course of the night, we have some suggestions. Nutrovape Recover is a natural blend of Prickly Pear, Milk Thistle, Green Tea, L-Theanine, Glutathione, Tumeric Root, and Vitamin B-12. These ingredients were picked for their ability to help fight the causes of hangovers. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the night, as most of those hangover symptoms come from dehydration.

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