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Your Beginner Yoga Routine

Your Beginner Yoga Routine

Holy crap, yoga is NOT easy. I’ve tried once or twice but gave up quickly. However, yoga is an amazing workout – it improves strength, balance, and flexibility and has a ton of mental health benefits. Plus, there's a yoga practice out there for everyone, whether you're looking to sweat or de-stress. We’ve put together these beginner poses to help get you started. Just perform each of the poses consecutively, holding each for three to five breaths. The only thing you’ll need is a yoga mat (and maybe a Nutrovape Energy)!

Downward-Facing Dog

Start on all fours with knees directly below hips and palms directly below shoulders. Lift hips toward ceiling, straightening legs, and allowing head to drop as you push shoulder blades down and hips high.

Three-Legged Dog

Start in downward-facing dog. Lift straight right leg up toward ceiling, keeping hips square with the floor. Be mindful not to arch your back.

Warrior I

From three-legged dog, drive right knee to chest and step right foot between hands.

Swing arms to reach toward the ceiling, keeping shoulders pressed down.

Warrior II

From warrior I, open arms to bring right arm parallel to right leg and left arm parallel to left leg. Gaze forward and press shoulders down.

Reverse Warrior

From warrior II, flip right palm to face ceiling.

Tilt torso toward left leg, while bringing left arm to meet left leg and right arm to reach toward ceiling and to the left.

Extended Side Angle

From reverse warrior, bend torso toward right side. Rest right elbow on right knee.

Swing left arm down then reach toward the right.

High Plank

From extended side angle, place hands on either side of right foot.

Step right foot back to meet left foot in a high plank.


From high plank, bend elbows, lowering body until forearms reach sides of rib cage.

Upward-Facing Dog

From Chaturanga, press into hands to bring chest forward and up, while untucking toes to transfer weight to top of feet.

Then just repeat the list from the beginning. Try going through these positions at least a couple times a week.