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Bounce Back

Bounce Back

Cold and Flu season is literally knocking on our door right now. Get ready to watch your co-workers all succumb to the inevitable sickness that is bound to consume them until it's your turn. Unless you have an immune system built like a fortress, it is safe to say that you will be getting sick at some point in the near future. The worst time is going back to work after you've been sick, so here are some tips on how to get your energy back up to par after you've been ill.


This seems like a no-brainer, but it's an important point to get across. Water is the unsung hero of recovery after being sick. Making sure you're drinking enough water will be sure to flush any of the nasty bug you have been suffering from out of your system and get you back up on your feet quickly.

Foods That Heal

When you are in the early stages of recovery, especially if you are trying to bounce back from the stomach flu, you want to choose foods that are easy to digest. Try a diet of brown rice, plain toast, apples, and bananas until you are feeling like yourself again. The best thing you can really do is have foods that are high in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to get you back to your feet. Until you feel better, try to avoid foods that are heavy in carbs and sugar – you don't want to spike your blood sugar just to have it crash and make you feel even worse when you are trying to make yourself feel better.

Take It Slow

Don't be afraid to ask for help. if you are really feeling like garbage, don't be afraid you ask your loved ones to come to help you out when you need it. You need to rest and let your body fight, don't be scared to call your mom and have her come to make you some food – she will probably love the chance to come to take care of her baby one more time.

Taking preventative measures to help fight sickness is a great idea. Nutrovape Immune is a great and easy way to incorporate immune system boosting properties into your routine without sacrificing any extra time or thought. Just because your coworkers get sick doesn't mean you have to, not everyone is down with the sickness so fight back and make this the year you beat any illness that tries you.

Autumn Diet Changes

Autumn Diet Changes

With the fall season upon us, people are probably still eating what they were eating during the warmer months just to hang on to the last sliver of summer they have left. It's officially time to make the swap and start eating foods that prepare your body for the colder months. There is a reason that our bodies start to crave warming soups, casseroles, and other hearty dishes this time of year and it is because our internal organs respond in specific ways when the weather changes. We function the best when we fuel our bodies with the correct seasonal foods. Your body starts to tell you when it needs certain things and these are some of the things to start tweaking in the coming weeks.

Slow Cook

Load up the crock pot this season – slow cooking food is an easy and perfect way to make comforting foods in the cooler months. It's the perfect way to ensure that you are going to be fed and have leftovers. Also, the smell of ready food coming in through the door after work to a full crockpot ready to be devoured? Nothing better. To get more antioxidants out of your veggies, try sautéing them in olive oil before you cook them.


Try swapping your regular bowl of Fruit-Loops for oatmeal. It sounds like a huge change but oatmeal is delicious and will keep you full longer and will lower your blood sugar too. Oats require more energy to break down, because they are full of fiber. They actually increase your body temperature which means you will burn more calories digesting your breakfast, another win.

Spice It Up

Using spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin add an amazing warmth to your meals in colder months. Try adding nutmeg and cinnamon to your squash or even add cumin to your cauliflower. Adding these spices can also help you lose up to three times more body fat - if you are focused on that. Spices gram for gram have an incredible amount of antioxidants and pack a lot of nutrients even in a small pinch.

The colder months shouldn't be looked at like a negative time. It's just a change of diet and scenery, and even though it's hectic when it comes to driving when the snow starts flying, you really can't beat a pretty fall morning or seeing how excited kids get for Halloween.

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are slowly creeping up on us, and before we know it we will be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. Then a short time after that, Christmas. There's a whole lot of eating in a short amount of time. For those of us who have just spent months getting our summer bodies ready for the beach are looking down this tunnel of temptation trying to keep our eyes on the prize. If you are getting nervous about the carb and sweet loaded couple of months ahead of us, keep reading to get your anti-weight gain arsenal ready.

Don't Skip

Don't skip breakfast or lunch to save your appetite for the main meal. Eat small meals so you don't overindulge when the seconds are being passed around. This also means you can give in to your cravings too, but in moderation. The key to getting through the holidays is to not deprive yourself, but to know your limit and stick to it.


Instead of loading your plate up with stuffing and other carb-loaded dishes, try opting for more turkey or whatever meat you are eating. The bonus part of going hard on protein is that it will fill you up, and you can get some healthy muscle growth out of it too. Try adding quinoa, lentils, and beans for some healthier carb and protein-packed dishes.


Invest in some festive Tupperware and have some doggie bags ready for your guests. Keeping all of the leftovers is a sure fire way for you to keep indulging. Before your guests try to leave you will platters of food, beat them to the punch and have leftovers ready for them to take home.


Nutrovape Diet is the best weapon to have to get you through the upcoming food war. With just a few inhalations before you sit down to eat, your appetite will be curbed and you will be able to pass on multiple courses and your waistline will thank you.

The holidays should be focused around spending time with your family, our weight and appearance should be the last things on our minds because the people who truly matter in life don't care what you look like.