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Being tired or having trouble sleeping seems like simple problems, so it’s natural and simple for consumers to resort to solutions that seem quick and simple. Younger customers, in particular, have grown up in an era of brilliant innovation in consumer goods. Advancements in technology and abundant marketing have given them faith in the power of purchases to quickly fix problems in their lives. For many, the idea of “listening to your body” is for the pharmaceutically challenged.

  • USP Grade Ingredients
  • Oils Produced in the USA
  • No Pills or other medication!

Innovative Inhalable Aid

Nutrovape disposable devices offer a faster and more convenient way for you to obtain energy, get to sleep comfortably, control your appetite, or recover from a long night out. We also have new products that allow you to wind down, become more focused, or provide sexual enhancement. Beneficially, there are no pills to swallow, liquids to consume, or calories to ingest. All of Nutrovape’s oils are alcohol- free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and they contain absolutely NO NICOTINE. Nutrovape is also easily carried with you wherever you go!

Josh Matzkin, Founder

Hi my name is Josh Matzkin and I am the founder of Nutrovape.

I have been an athlete all my life so health and wellness has always been an integral part of my lifestyle. I came up with Nutrovape after realizing my healthy lifestyle had a major flaw. I was simply consuming too many energy drinks, I wanted a way to get energy that was easy, clean, and not harsh on my body.

So, I teamed up with an organic chemist and together we came up with the first Nutrovape prototype, which was Nutrovape Energy. Nutrovape Energy allowed me to get small doses of caffeine, through vapor inhalation on an “as needed basis” and for me; this completely replaced my need for energy drinks with something that better fit my lifestyle. Therefore, it made me think of all the other types of inhalable aids that could be created, and that is how Nutrovape came to be.

Nutrovape Consumption

Nutrovape manufactures vapor inhalation products that deliver nutritional supplements effectively into the lungs through micro-aerosolization. Nutrovape’s innovative vaporization technology delivers a precise amount of functional herbs and supplements to the smallest areas of the lungs using vapor transport. Its’ method of dispensing functional herbs and supplements is significantly less expensive than traditional approaches, and the desired effects are felt almost immediately.

The inhalation of ingredients has many additional benefits when compared to simple oral intake. Ingredients inhaled by the lungs are absorbed more quickly and effectively into the bloodstream than when ingested through the stomach and colon. Because nutrients are directly absorbed into the bloodstream, there is no dilution or interruption to the digestive tract. This allows a much smaller amount of the nutritional supplement to be used in order to reach the desired effect. This unique and effective introduction of nutraceuticals into the body virtually eliminates side effects and stress on the liver and allows for greater physiological response at controlled levels.