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Everyone enjoys a good nights sleep. But did you know, But did you know that 62% of American adults experience trouble either falling or staying asleep multiple nights per week? Now we all know that with out rest we aren't able to function. But the only real solutions have been prescription sleep medication and or other medicines. Until now! Nutrovape's Sleep inhalable aid, will help you relax and sleep soundly throughout the night – with no morning hangover.

How is this possible?

Nutrovape Sleep is a revolutionary new delivery system that allows your body to absorb nutrients many times faster than through ingestion. Nutrovape Inhalable Sleep Aid is a blend of melatonin, l-theanine, passionflower, and chamomile that will get you your Best Rest Yet!
Take 5 inhalations before you are ready to go to bed. Nutrovape is intended for use when you are ready to relax, unwind, and go to sleep. DO NOT operate heavy machinery while using Nutrovape.
Each device has over 200 inhalations, providing you with the right nutrients to relax, unwind and sleep.
Ready To Get Some Sleep?